zaterdag 27 januari

The Underground

House Classics, Boogie & Tech, van de 90's tot nu!

Deur open 21:00
Aanvang 21:00
Voorverkoop € 10,00
Deur € 10,00

De voorverkoopprijs bevat €1 ticketfee en 6% BTW. De deurprijs bevat 6% BTW.

Saturday the 27th of January, we will take you on a tour of The Underground. Join us on a trip down memory lane, filled with Classics, Boogie and Tech, from the 90s till now.

On this night the headliner will be, YOU !

2 top things off, we have got some special effects and venue decoration, ready 2 make the party extra special !

Line Up: Dj Le-Roy - RENS - Bad Bass
Party Time: 21:00 - 02:00

Line Up: Dj Le-Roy - RENS - Bad Bass